Services are held each Sunday at 11.00am 

31st August:  Mike O'Sullivan  
Unitarian women and the Struggle for Equality. (To mark Women’s Equality Day).

7th September: Mike O'Sullivan
Is Prayer Worthwhile?

14th September: Noel Healy 
God's current location and contact details?

21st September: Mike O'Sullivan
Unitarianism going forward

28th September: Pamela McCarthy
Murmuring Deep

Cork Unitarian Church

About Unitarians

Unitarians are people of liberal religious outlook who are united by a common search for meaning and truth.  We reject the exigencies of creed and dogma.  We unite in religious fellowship to seek truth, to practice goodness, and to enrich and improve relationships with ourselves, with others, and with the Universe of which we are a part.

The flaming chalice is the most widely used symbol of Unitarianism.

flaming chalice


Princes Street, Cork.
Minister in Charge: Reverend Bridget Spain.
Tel: 01 478 0638
Church Secretary:  021 429 4158


Alternative Craft Fairs on most Saturdays through summer. See Facebook page for more details.

Some talks from our Sunday Services will be available on our website, follow the links to Services to download a pdf version.